In General:
www.Traumferienhausreisen.de intercedes in name and order of the owner, respectively the landlord or his bailiff (following known as landlord) rental contracts for holiday homes on Majorca, between you as tenant ( following known as client) and the landlord. www.Traumferienhausreisen.de acts in interest of the client and strives to obtain a successful bargain of the interceded rental contract.

www.Traumferienhausreisen.de complies the procurement deal to the client, by forwarding a contract offer and the allocation of the travel information on part of the landlord. At the same time www.Traumferienhausreisen.de is consignee of the landlords and their respective holiday homes. The client closes the contract directly with the landlord, a contract relation between www.Traumferienhausreisen.de and the client doesn’t come about.

Filing/booking and payment
www.Traumferienhausreisen.de submits the client a written offer, in the form of a booking confirmation, sent by E-mail, by fax or by mail, which at the same time, states the possible occupation by the client, as well as the conditions of the rental contract. The client accepts by his prepayment, the herewith existent disclaimer notice of www.Traumferienhausreisen.de, as well as the closure of the renting contract between himself and the landlord. Especially the number of the tenants as well as bringing along a dog, needs the explicit agreement of www.Traumferienhausreisen.de. If not differently mentioned the amount of the prepayment normally is 20% of the total rental price.

The payment of the balance, if not differently agreed, must be effected 5 weeks in advance of the first day of the vacation, onto the account of Traumferienhausreisen, without further notice. The client receives at the earliest after receipt of the prepayment, at the latest one week before the start of the vacation, all necessary information regarding the holiday home. Delayed payments or non-payment of the balance, are considered as cancellation, and entitle to renting the holiday home elsewhere, and demand a cancellation fee, according to cipher 3


The reservation becomes operative by an order of the client, in written or by telephone. In case of cancellation of the contract on part of the client, the following cancellation fees come into effect:
Cancellation until 90 days of the first day of the holiday: 30 % of the total renting price
Cancellation from 89 to 60 days of the first day of the holiday: 50 % of the total renting price.
Cancellation from 59 to 30 days of the first day of the holiday 80 % of the total renting price
In case of a posterior cancellation or cancellation on day of arrival 100 % of the total renting price

The crucial factor for calculating the cancellation cost is the date of the in-box by mail/fax or e-mail at www.Traumferienhausreisen.de. As far as an adequate replacement client is offered, or the agency finds replacement the cancellation fees are void during the days of subletting

Service alterations/change of reservation

Service alterations and/or change of reservations referring to the number of journey participants, journey destination, or the change of date have to be made in written, and need a written confirmation of www.Traumferienhausreisen.de, as well as the payment of the due prepayment amount onto the account of www.Traumferienhausreisen.de In case of cancellation, without having made a prepayment, as well as for change of reservation into other houses, a service fee of € 60,00 is due. Except from this settlement is a change in the number of the clients
Alterations or discrepancies of individual services, which differ from the contracted contents, and which have to be necessary, but are not caused through fault of www.Traumferienhausreisen.de, are only that far permitted, as they are not of considerable character. As far as the altered services are afflicted with flaws and imperfections, eventual warranty claims remain untouched. www.traumferienausreisen.de assumes responsibility to inform the clients about alterations or discrepancies immediately.

As need be, it will be offered a free of charge rebooking or a free of charge rescission. Will the sojourn at time of the bargain, be considerably impeded, endangered or hindered, by not predictable violence or strike, so both parties can cancel the contract. In that case, the liability of www.Traumferienhausreisen.de, is restricted to the re-payment of the, until then accomplished, journey price

Liability of www.Traumferienhausreisen.de

www.Traumferienhausreisen.de intercedes the reservation of the client to the landlord, for the mentioned holiday home, like stated in the booking confirmation. www.Traumferienhausreisen.de is liable within the due diligence as proper merchant, for the conscientious handling of the reservation order. Liability for temporarily occurring disorders,like water- or electricity supply, or disorders due to local facts, is excluded. www.Traumferienhausreisen.de as well doesn’t accept liability for permanent standby for problems with central heating, swimming pool, air-condition, and also excludes liability for noise pollution due to construction activity on neighbour plots. The liability due to the rental contract, for damages, which are no physical injuries, is all in all, restricted to the amount of the rental price, as far as the client hasn’t procured damages wantonly negligent or deliberately.

For all kind of damages, also physical injuries, which occur in the rented holiday home, or respectively on the premises, www.Traumferienhausreisen.de doesn’t take any liability. www.Traumferienhausreisen.de advises explicitly, that due to different depth of the swimming pools, as well as unseen, natural territory which bear certain dangers, children have to be taken care of with the utmost duty of supervision.

Warranty Should a service by www.Traumferienhausreisen.de not
or not contractually be rendered, the client has the right to demand, in appropiate time, remedy. www.Traumferienhausreisen.de is entitled, by rendering replacement of equal or higher value. Although this can be denied, if it demands an inappropriate effort. On returning home, the client can claim a reduction of the travel costs, in case that services haven’t be rendered due to the contract, and that their announcement hasn’t be omitted culpably at the destination.

Obligations on behalf of the client

The client obligates himself, to inhabit the holiday home, only with the registered amount of persons. In case of eventually emerging disturbances, the client is obliged, within the legal regulations, to resolve the disturbances, and to keep the eventual harm, as small as possible. The client is particularly obliged, to make aware of every kind of claim at the local house administration, respectively the landlord, and this immediately and still within his vacation.

Reimbursement claims, after the holiday ended, can only be taken into consideration, if the client has put himself into contact, per telephone, with www.Traumferienhausreisen.de respectively the landlord, and this during his stay. By doing this, giving the chance to remedy the deficiencies. In case of non-observance and without the explicit consent of www.Traumferienhausreisen.de, the clients, who abandon the holiday home prematurely, lose every entitlement of an eventual reimbursement of the rental fee. Eventual entitlements have to be claimed within 1 month after return with www.Traumferienhausreisen.de. Furthermore the limitation period between the client and www.Traumferienhausreisen.de is 1 year after the scheduled end of the holidays. The rented holiday home, has to be left behind in clean conditions, which means, clean-swept. The client has to treat the house, and the inventory with care. He is obliged to report every occurring damage to the agency or the landlord. The client is liable for the damages caused by himself.


The holiday home can be inhabited on the day of arrival, at the time, which is stated in the contract. On the day of departure, the house has to be left at the latest at 10:00 hrs, as far as no other time has been mentioned. Should you like to stay longer on the day of departure, please ask the landlord for permission. Arrival/departure is possible at any day of the week, this is nearly for all holiday homes valid, with some exceptions to the rule. The minimum duration of the stay is in general 7 days. All prices are valid for reservations from 7 days on. For reservations less than 7 days, the days and not the nights will be charged. Some landlords demand a deposit.

This has to be, if not mentioned otherwise, deposited at time of arrival in cash, and will be handed out to you on the day of departure. Eventual damages, like breakage of glass, will be charged, and deducted from the deposit

Other clauses
Court of jurisdiction for disputes, arising out of the above mentioned rental contract, is Germany-Berlin. The ineffectiveness of some clauses, doesn’t cause the ineffectiveness of the whole contract. The client can only sue www.Traumferienhausreisen.de at the registered office of the headquarter/firm www.Traumferienhausreisen.de

Date : 23.04.2013