1. Contents of the online offer: the author doesn’t assume warranty for the timelines, correctness, integrity or quality of the disposed information. Liability claims against the author, which refer to material damages or damages of ideal character, having been caused by using or not using the offered information, as to say, by using incorrect or incomplete information, are strictly excluded, as far as there is no verifiably deliberate or wantonly negligent behaviour on hand on part of the author. All offers are subject to change and non-binding. The author expressively reserves the right, to change, add, or erase parts of the pages or the whole offer ,without separate notice or even stop publication temporarily or irrevocably.
  2. References and Links: in case of direct or indirect references to other websites (hyperlinks), which are not within the responsibility of the author, a liability responsibility would only come into effect, if the author has knowledge of the contents, and it would be technically possible and reasonable, to impede the use of illicit contents. The author explicitly declares, that at the time of putting the link, no illegal contents have been discovered on the to be linked pages.
  3. The author doesn’t have any influence on actual and future layout and the contents or the authorship of the linked/associated pages. Herewith the author dissociates himself from all contents of all linked/associated pages, which have been modified after putting the link.
  4. This testificaton is valid for all links/references, which have been  published within the own internet offers, as well as external entries in, by the author established, guest books, discussion forum, link directory, mailing list, and in all other forms of data base, onto which external access is possible.
  5. For illegal, inaccurate or incomplete contents, in particular for damages, occurring through using or not using such offered information, only the provider for the page, to which has been referred to, is liable. And not the one, who is only publishing the links.
  6. Copyright and characteristics law
    The author intends to respect the copyright in all publications as photos, graphics, audio documents, video sequels and text forms are concerned. Furthermore he intends to use his own photos, graphics, audio documents, video sequels and texts or to use license free graphics, audio documents, video sequels and texts. All within the internet offer, named and as the case maybe, by a third party protected brandnames, are subject to unlimited regulations, of every characteristics and copy right, and the ownership of the inscripted owner. Just because of naming them, there can’t be drawn the conclusion, that the brandname isn’t protected by the rights of a third party.
  7. Data Security as far as there is within the internet offer, the possibility to enter personal or business data ( like e-mail address, name, address), the release of those data, will only taken place with the explicit acquiescence by the user, and is absolutely voluntarily.
  8. The usage and payment of all offered services is – as far as technically possible and reasonable – also permitted without specifying those data, or under declaration of anonymous data or under use of a pen name.
  9. The usage of the published contact data, in line with the imprint or comparable data, like postal address, telephone of fax numbers as well as e-mail address, by a third party is not allowed, if not expressively permitted. Against the sender of so called Spam-Mails, in case of breach of this interdiction, we reserve the right to take legal steps
  10. Legal effectiveness of this disclaimer of warranty. This disclaimer is to be seen as a part of the internet offer, from which of this page has been referred to. As far as parts or several formulations of this text doesn’t any longer or not completely  comply to the effective legal status, the remaining parts of the document with its contents and its validity remain unaffected.